Harry Potter-themed Outings That Will Take you on Your way to Hogwarts

Hocus Pocus and you're on your way to seeing Hagrid

Harry Potter-themed Outings That Will Take you on Your way to Hogwarts

If you feel like living just like Harry Potter himself, there’s a few hidden places you can do just that.

Beneath Driver Lane.
Just as you would to get to Diagon Alley, tap away on the bricks and enter into this old bank vault turned bar. Boasting quality liquor of all kinds, try your tastebuds at some Harry Potter classics, with Pumpkin Spiced Ramos, Whiskey that Hagrid would die for and wines fit for a great feast.

The secret bar in Pizza Pizza Pizza Just like platform 9 ¾ run headfirst at this wall that will suddenly find you somewhere magical. A sophisticated cocktail bar hidden away from plain sight.

Good Things.
On the streets of South Yarra is Good Things, a bar and nightclub in one.
This small venue lets you experience a catch-up drinks with friends and try your tastebuds at some themed wonders. From butterbeer to Polyjuice potion, it’s a perfect Harry Potter escaped served accordingly in glassware to match.

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