Are You Sitting On An Priceless Piece Of Art?

Do you know how much your painting is worth?

What is the price of art?
What is the price of art?

Are you wanting to know whether a painting passed through your family is worth a fortune? How could a canvas simply covered in paint be worth millions? Are you looking to invest in a piece of art? Here are some key factors to whether a painting would be considered valuable

  1. Authenticity

Is the painting cheap or expensive? An authentic piece of art will always be worth more than a copy.

  1. Condition

If the painting has a tear through it, forget about it. Tears and sun damage can affect a painting’s value. A painting’s condition is important to determine the price.

  1. Popularity

Do you have a painting from a popular artist? If so, this creates demand. If they are unknown, there will be less demand leading to less value.

  1. Medium

The medium is important, as it can determine authenticity. A canvas will sell for more than if it was on paper.

Are you sitting on an artwork by Jackson Pollock? Do you think one of your artworks could be worth a lot? If you think your piece of art is valuable, confirm by taking it for an art appraisal.