Happy Stories From Quarantine

How communities are still finding ways to come together while so far apart

Happy Stories From Quarantine

In overwhelmingly beautiful shows of solidarity, countries all over the world are joining together to support each other and support those working hard on the front lines.

For over a month, Italians have been gathering on balconies and opening their windows to sing and play their instruments, bolstering spirits and uplifting the lonely. This has been echoed in other parts of Europe, with musicians like Spanish singer Beatriz Berodia offering neighbours amplified concerts from her balcony in Madrid.

Two weeks in a row, the British have also banded together. Standing on their doorsteps, sometimes with pots and pans in hand, they have joined in applauding the NHS workers so bravely and painstakingly fighting for the health of their neighbours. From real royalty to rock royalty, the applause was long and loud.

Australians are lifting spirits in their own unique way. A movement dubbed ‘Put your bins out in your ball gown’ or ‘#binisolationouting’, has filtered all over the globe, offering people the opportunity to don their best frock or costume and take a fabulous walk to the bins.

Then on April 5th, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for a candlelight vigil, which saw the nation shut off its lights at 9pm and light candles in honour of those fighting the Corona virus.

When the world truly does succumb to crisis, it is love, support and solidarity that keeps coming out in waves. So, if you’re ever feeling alone, remember there are whole communities surrounding you.

…and if you’re finding it just a little bit harder than that, you could always join the Melbournians who decided to show their solidarity by… well… screaming.