Going Vegan On A Busy Schedule

It’s much easier than you think.

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Vegan Food

There are few places better to be plant-based than in Melbourne.

The city known for its amazing coffee and world-class sports facilities can soon add another feature to that list – vegan cuisine.

The market for veganism continues on an upward trend as the number of Aussies ditching animal products continues to multiply, with many plant-based eaters flocking to Melbourne for its ever-increasing number of vegan cafes and separate vegan menus in restaurants.

It is common knowledge that going plant-based is extremely beneficial for health and the environment. However, while the interest for veganism continues skyrocketing, many still don’t know how to go vegan, citing lack of time as a key factor.

Switching up your diet doesn’t have to be difficult nor time-consuming. Here are 4 tips:

  • Vegan options are available almost everywhere in Melbourne – you just have to ask. From fast-food chains to five-star restaurants, eateries here either have a separate vegan menu or the servers will often happily accommodate your requests
  • Don’t expect/attempt to overhaul your eating habits overnight. Take it slow – ditch meat for one meal, replace the carton of dairy milk in your fridge for soy, or substitute a portion of meat on your plate with more vegetables or starches
  • Meal prep is actually made easier – the bulk of vegan meals usually consist of starches like rice and pasta, which are quick to cook in large quantities and can be refrigerated for days
  • Meet other vegans. There are many Facebook groups such as “Mornington Peninsula Vegans” or “Melbourne South East Vegans” where like-minded individuals lend support to locals in the area with restaurant recommendations/general lifestyle help

Going vegan, just like changing up any habit, can be daunting initially. But stick with it for a few weeks and it’ll slowly feel more natural to you. As with any important task, the hardest part is getting started. Once you have, it’s half the battle won!