Gelato Messina – a Gift From the Gods

Heaven is a place on Earth and that place is called Gelato Messina.

Messina Gelato
Messina Gelato

If you haven’t heard because you are living under a rock or in a share house where your internet is bad because your roommate didn’t pay the bill but I guess she is still a nice person then I have news for you.


Admittedly, it’s been here for a while now and I sincerely hope it stays that way because her creaminess is the dairy equivalent of my old ‘friend’ Myles Brown- absolutely gorgeous and you will find it hard to make conversation when blessed enough to be in its presence.

Now located in Windsor (ritzy!), Fitzroy (trendy!) and Richmond (mediocre!), Messina is a sugar baby’s dream (sugar baby being a babe who loves sugar not a lady who dates an older fella for the benefits of a sweet cash flow and an apartment that doesn’t have mould on most surfaces- interesting).

The flavours vary from your classics- I’m talking Choc Chip, Coffee and Vanilla- to all kinds of crazy like Poached Figs and Marsala, Coconut and Lychee and Apple Pie!

Good gravy Papa it really is delicious stuff.

There are typically 40 flavours to choose from, 35 of these classics and 5 the specials that alternate each week.

Messina even lets you sample their goods to try out the different flavour-flavs, ensuring your final decision is informed, void of regret and self loathing- no one needs their ice cream topped with despair- a cherry shall work just fine.

So head on down to the trendiest ice cream spot in town, opt for two scoops, feel ill afterwards but regret nothing.