Five Shoe Styles to Change Your Footwear Game

Putting your best foot forward

Five Shoe Styles to Change Your Footwear Game

Some of us are very invested un our shoe collections and some of us still own the same two pairs of shoes from when we were 16. If you’re the latter and your partner or your mum or someone in your life keeps nagging you to update your shoe collection, look no further, these are the 5 shoe styles to cater for your every occasion.

The Running Sneaker
The kind of shoes you probably still have from when you were sixteen, except in today’s fashion the design of your traditional running shoe is one that’s ready for the streets. With this added bonus, running shoes are perfect for when you need the support of a good shoe without looking like a grandpa.

The White Low Top Trainer
The perfect street shoe that can also be worn to add a minimal flair to a fancier attire, the white low top trainers are a must have. They look good, they’re comfy and being white they can be the only accessory you need.

The Leather Boot
We all need to invest in a good boot, for the colder months or just when you’re in need of a sturdy sole beneath your feet, a leather boot is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. One of the best features of a leather boot is that unlike other shoes, as they’re worn in, they don’t look ruined they instead gain a sense of wear that makes them look even better and they’ll last you for years.

The Suede Chukka
An old classic that seems to continue trending through the years, the chukka is the perfect substitute when you feel like sneakers aren’t fancy enough but you’re not looking to go all out. A minimal design but with the added suede touch making them the perfect statement to any outfit.

The Loafer
A preppy cultured shoe, these kicks are the perfect addition to any outfit to add a little flare whether its classy or casual, they’re low cut and lace free meaning they’re super convenient to slip on and off, as well as being trendy and not too hot!