First Dates: The Do’s and Don’ts

The dos and don'ts of first dates: they're not what your mother told you.

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First Dates

First dates are nerve wrecking enough without the thought of every potential “wrong” that could occur. Well, I decided it was time to put my first date faux pas’ to good use. The following article is a guide to first date etiquette for both you and your potential partner and yes, before you ask, all of the examples have happened to me.

  1. Do not let your nerves get the better of you.

A few (maximum of two) wines to calm your nerves whilst getting ready for your date is totally acceptable. Any more than this will lead to an overly confident sense of how well you can handle your alcohol and before you know it, you’ll be on your fourth vodka and giggling your way through dinner. I’m talking about the dinner that only your date ordered because you were too infatuated with the taste of this hard lemonade to even look at the menu. Your date will later question whether or not you have an alcohol problem.

  1. Do wear something you are comfortable in.

There is nothing attractive about squeezing into a dress that you cannot breathe in and spending more time concentrating on not passing out than on the conversation. Wear an outfit you are comfortable in and that you know you look good in. That little extra confidence can go a long way.

  1. Do establish a location early.

If there is a bar or a restaurant that you would like to check out, suggest it. Nothing is more annoying than the whole ‘I don’t mind, you choose’ conversation. Well, almost nothing. Getting dressed up to go through a McDonald’s drive through probably takes the cake. (Yes, that really happened.)

  1. Don’t double book yourself.

Don’t be that person who schedules two dates in the one night. It’s rude on so many levels. You’ll be constantly checking your phone for texts or glancing at your watch ensuring you don’t run late for your next date. If you’ve agreed to spend time with someone, be respectful and give them just that; your time.

  1. Don’t expect a kiss at the end of the night.

Not all first dates go as well as the movies depict. Sometimes the connection just isn’t there and you won’t have your fairy tale kiss on your front porch when they walk you to your door. Sometimes, all you get is a high five as they hop out of your car. (Yes, that really happened also.)

The most important thing to remember on a first date is simply to be yourself. This person is either going to love your company and ask you on another date, or you’ll never have to see them again. May as well have fun with it!



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