Feng Shui Tips for Success Using the Home Office

Ancient Chinese principles that promote a successful work environment.

Feng Shui - Home Office
Feng Shui - Home Office

Working from home can be hard, especially for people who thrived in the echoes of tapping keyboards, co-worker giggles, and phones. forever. ringing.

George Costanza’s Worlds Collide theory (the belief that friendships and relationships should be kept separate) may be proving itself accurate, however, it’s not all bad. There is a freedom that comes with working from home – one that allows you to decorate and shift furniture with no judgemental glances (except maybe from your cat). 

Here are some ways you can utilise your home environment for ultimate success using the ancient Chinese principles of Feng Shui. 

Desk Position

There is no piece of furniture that guilt trips you better than an empty desk. So where should it go? Will Brown, the interior designer behind business Will Brown Interiors, makes two important points while describing his own home office:

  1. Position your desk near a window, as light and Vitamin D are mood elevators.
  2. A desk facing a door puts you in ‘the position of power’ as you can immediately see any intruders (I’m looking at you, whiskers).

Air Quality

When people think of pollution, they’re unlikely to be talking about the indoor type. Qi, also called life force energy, is another term for the air that surrounds us. It is believed that to remain happy, energised, and inspired, we should always make sure we have enough qi in our lives. A great way to do this is by opening windows regularly and owning indoor plants. Here’s a list of the best indoor plants according to feng shui.


It’s no secret that our eyes tend to be drawn to whatever’s most pleasing. Surrounding your space with items you love, whether that be favourite artworks, books, or pictures of loved ones, is a great way to lift the energy in your office. Another tip is to use colours that promote feelings of peace and aren’t distracting. Some of these include pale earth tones like yellow, orange, and green, along with blue-green and white shades. 

The ultimate positive to take from this home décor advice? You’ll be the life of the zoom call.