Interior Styling Tips for Your Home This Christmas

Holiday decorating doesn’t have to cost a fortune and it’s an essential part of starting up that holiday cheer!

Christmas Decorating Tips,
Christmas Decorating Tips (Image Source: Lowes)

One of the best ways to get into the spirit of Christmas is to decorate your home. You can just get a tree for your lounge room and add some ornaments and lights or you can take the opportunity to create a beautiful Christmas theme for your entire home.

Decorating is not just about great aesthetics. It’s also about creating a wonderful Christmas mood of love and good cheer. So whether you’re hosting breakfast, lunch, or dinner, some thought and preparation will work wonders for creating the right atmosphere for you to celebrate.

Consider these tips to decorating your home this Christmas;

Choose a Theme or a Colour Scheme

For example, your theme could be floral or coastal and a colour scheme could be traditional such as red, green, and white or blue, white, and silver.

The Christmas Table

Choose the centrepiece first and then build each table setting around this.

Carry the Theme and Colour Scheme

Carry your theme or colour scheme throughout the rest of the house such as front door, hallway, even the staircase.

Take Stock

Audit your kitchenware and tableware, do you have enough of everything from chairs to plates, glasses, and cutlery?

Complimentary Decorating

Apply your theme or colour scheme, throughout your house from table to Christmas tree to Christmas wrapping.

If all this sounds too much or too expensive, be creative. Use simple brown wrapping paper, with tartan ribbon, and gum nuts. By repeating this simple look, you will create a luxurious feel.

Finally, choose a theme or colour scheme that you can use in the future by tweaking to keep it fresh. For example, if you choose a colour scheme of red, green, white where white is your accent colour, in subsequent years you can use gold as the accent colour.

Taking the time to decorate your home this Christmas will get you in the right mood to enjoy the festivities.