How to Embrace the Hair You Have This Summer

Get a head start on the look that’ll make people stop and stare, as you brush past them flaunting those effortless locks without a care.

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Summer Hair

2017 is going to be all about embracing what you have and owning it. It’s about keeping things natural and fresh, and that includes your hair, no matter what the texture.

But why wait until 2017? Start the carefree look now. Summer is approaching and that means fun in the sun. You won’t want to be wasting the day away doing your hair, especially if days of swimming, surfing and water fights are on the activities list. So stop the tired hair routine you’re doing and check out these fast and easy steps to embracing your natural hair.

Naturally wavy hair:

Wavy hair is the ultimate beachy look, and with summer just around the corner, you’re in your prime. You’ll always look great with wet hair coming out of the ocean; it’s not flat or stuck to you head nor is it a fuzz ball. But, if you want to maximize those waves and really make them shine, all you need is some volumising products to give your hair that lift. Switch to a volumising shampoo and buy a texture spray to give those waves a boost and a cool, messy chic look. If you’re in a hurry, spray some dry shampoo in the roots of your hair, give it a scrunch and off you go.

Naturally curly hair:

Having curly hair is a blessing; you’ve got that texture naturally straight haired people long for! So don’t give those envious few the satisfaction of you clamping hot tongs through those gorgeous curls. Embrace your curls and make them even curlier by adding mousse while it’s wet and flipping it upside down to blow-dry. As you are doing this, scrunch your hair as you go. Add some hairspray for some shine and to hold it all in place. You can check out a great YouTube tutorial for this easy routine here. Style and beauty blogger Tanesha Awasthi, has curly hair and says that rinsing with cold water is key when washing your curly hair. ‘Hot water blows up the cuticle and promotes frizz, while cold water shrinks it and promotes smoother, shapelier curls.’

Naturally straight hair:

Naturally straight haired people: you are the lucky few with beautifully effortless hair, that has a natural shine and it doesn’t require any work at all. However if you are getting bored of the straight, textureless look, don’t spend hours trying to curl it with a curler, just add some sea salt spray or texturing spray to your damp hair and then scrunch! This will work to give your hair a careless wavy finish with added volume.

Naturally frizzy hair:

Yes, summer is nearly here, so people with frizzy hair are bracing themselves for the humidity that makes their hair go wild. But there is nothing wrong with a bit of frizz! Stop hiding it under serums, creams and oils, and make your hair as wild and as sexy as you are. New York hairstylist Anthony Dickey calls it ‘the modern take on curly hair’. To style it a little, add some mouse to your damp hair and dry with a diffuser to lift fine strands. You’ve gotta flaunt that frizz. 

It’s finally time to stop manipulating your hair with hot, electric tools. Straightening it has become the type of hassle that only your teenage self could have kept up with. Now, the carefree you is looking for a simpler option. Flaunt your natural look this summer and make the most of those warm, summer nights and days by the beach.

Embrace the natural you

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