Don’t Fall Into These WFH Traps!

Trying to keep your sanity while working from home? Here are some tips which might help you keep to your normal routines and stop getting distracted.

Don’t Fall Into These WFH Traps!

1. Don’t work from your bed

It’s getting into the cooler months and your bed is just so comfortable and warm. You can drag your slippered feet to the kitchen, pour your morning cup of tea and get right on back there. You might even have a little lap table that you think is conducive to a good day’s work.

Well it’s not. It’s a downright trap. That’s your little bit of paradise. You’ve been working for years on cultivating that little bit of square meterage to be a safe and cosy space to rest your head at the end of each day. As soon as you start associating that space with work instead – goodbye, sleep!

2. If you can, don’t work from your kitchen bench either

Ah, the kitchen. Where the sun shines in the morning. It’s a happy place. You’ve made some of your best meals here. You’ve probably cracked open some of your best bottles of red too. We’re less concerned that you’re going to ruin this happy space like you might do with your bed. I doubt it will put you off your food, for example. But isn’t that fridge a distraction? Aren’t you thinking about what to make for dinner? Maybe you keep rewarding yourself every half an hour with a fresh cuppa, or a just a little snack? Trust us on this one. If you can even sit at your dining room table, preferably with your back to the kitchen, you’re doing yourself a favour.

3. Don’t forget to clock out

I’ll say this once – it’s a really hard time. You do not need to replace the time you might have otherwise spent commuting by putting in extra work. Whatever your usual hours are – stick to them. A little bit of an earlier start or over time is your call, but make sure you know when to switch on and off.

4. Don’t forget to take breaks

If you’re struggling to find structure in your day, a handy tip is to use other tasks as time parameters. After all, busy people are more productive people. Set yourself a task to complete while your load of laundry is washing. Set your next task while it’s in the dryer. It doesn’t take any extra thought, it helps you get up from your desk, and also clears your post-work to-do list in the process!