DIY Christmas Decorations Your Kids Will Love

Your kids will be set, coming into Christmas with these fun and festive ideas for Christmas decorations.

Christmas DIY
Christmas DIY

Christmas time is a magical time for kids, and as Christmas holidays near, maybe you should be thinking about what activities you and your kids can do together to get into the festive spirit.

These fun and easy crafty, Christmas ideas will take you back down memory lane as you remember the joy and excitement you used to feel when looking at that black foam ball that contained endless ways to decorate, using sparkly tinsel, glitter, red and green pom poms and sequins galore!

Pinecone Decorations

Pinecones are very traditional items used for Christmas decorations (because of the whole, Christmas tress are pine trees thing) and you can do so many things with them. An easy, yet effective option is to cover the pinecone with glue and then sprinkle the glitter of your choice all over it. Gold always looks nice and even red and green together will look festive. Put them in a glass bowl in your entrance foyer or in the middle of your dining table, they’ll look wonderful anywhere.

Sock Snowmen

To create these adorable additions to your Christmas collection, you’ll need some old white socks (clean of coarse), some buttons, rubber bands, rice and patterned material. Cut the toe end off the socks and secure that end with a rubber band. Fill the sock with rice and tie that end too. Tie another rubber band around three-quarters of the way up, creating a smaller ball for the snowman’s head. Using beads and buttons attach eyes and a nose and using some cute patterned material, you can give your snowman a scarf or wooly jumper. Use the end of the sock toe you cut off earlier for a hat. Check out images and steps here.

Paper Christmas Trees

These are easy and look super cute next to each other. With some coloured green paper, twirl into the shape of a cone and simply decorate it to your liking. I recommend a selection of mini pom poms as bables and maybe some glitter. You could even use gold glitter glue and wind it around the tree, giving it tinsel.

Cinnamon Trees

Create hanging ornaments with the decoration that has both beauty and a wonderful scent. All you need is a whole stick of cinnamon, some plastic pine tree leaves (3 per cinnamon stick) and colourful buttons. Glue the leaves horizontally along the cinnamon stick, longest at the bottom and smallest at the top. Then glue the buttons on and attach some string so you can hang your sweet smelling tree ornaments.

Painting gold and silver

You’ll be surprised at the beauty transformation of a walnut or some dry pasta once you paint them gold or silver. Spray paint a walnut with gold metallic paint and once dry, glue on some artificial gold holly berries on wire, that you’ve twisted into a loop. Add ribbon to the wire and you’re done. For a step by step guide click here.

Similarly, spray paint some ridget wagon-wheel pasta with silver metallic paint and once dry, glue them together creating a beautiful snowflake-like ornament for your tree.