Designs For Small Spaces

Ideas for those tiny spaces you don’t know what to do with

Design article former garage now a home (Image Source: homes.nine),,, crowd ink, crowdink
Design article former garage now a home (Image Source: homes.nine)

There is a home in Darlinghurst, NSW that used to be a commercial garage.

The home was designed by Sam Crawford Architects, based in Newtown, NSW, and called for “intelligent design and planning”.

And with this is mind, hopefully this will inspire your own designs for those small spaces you’ve not been able to do anything with—until now.

Tiny houses and spaces have really been taking the world by storm, so why not get inspired and think of ways to maximise the space in your home?

While you may not be designing a whole new house, you may be doing something a bit more small scale like a room or outdoor area.

If so, here are some ideas of what to do and why this can make your small spaces cool again, making you want to spend more time in them.


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