Custom Frames Are Key To A Great First Impression

Custom Framing
Custom Framing

When you think of customisation, you think of something personal. Custom frames are not only suitable for personal settings, but businesses as well. The high-quality finish of a custom frame radiates professionalism, high quality and top class. Custom frames can elevate any aspects of a business.


Do you have clients coming into your office for meetings? It is important to complement existing pieces with a custom frame. The décor of an office plays a big part in the first impression of any business. The detail and perfection of a custom frame will imprint the business into client’s minds, it will also create an aesthetically pleasing office making you want to come to work every day!


As mentioned, first impressions are important. A business must highlight what their company represents through its interior choices. What would you think if you walked into a meeting with a cartoon on the wall in a plastic frame? You may want to head straight back out. By using a custom frame for your artworks and photographs, it will showcase the quality of your business.


Instead of hanging pieces of art and photos, this may be a chance to showcase your portfolio. Through custom framing qualifications and testimonials, an instant trust can be formed between a first time client and the business. A custom frame will add a sleek touch compared to using a cheap, plastic frame. No matter whether you work in finance, are a hairdresser or mechanic, another idea for custom framing is images to inspire your clients. Through pictures and inspirational quotes, it is important to match the image with the frame.

Wanting to create a great first impression? Custom framing is the answer and Regent Gallery can help you. Working one-on-one with the client, Regent Gallery ensures a high-quality finish. Find out more at