Couples Doing Business Together

Grab your bestie and start a business

Couples Doing Business Together

These four couples show that doing business in pairs is easier than it sounds, even when there is a hardship.

Allison and Matt Robicelli – Robicelli Studio.

Going through every possible hardship you could imagine, these two did it all together and came out on top. Now the owners of their own studio in which they produce podcasts, recipes, video content and books all whilst sharing their culinary skills.

Patricia and David Beets – Dell Cove Spices & More co.

They do what they love, and they love what they do, these two live life on the spicy side and bring their dedicated clients that through their handmade seasonings, sugars, salts and spices for all your taste needs.

Kris and Jay Chan – Fancy Nancy.

Their passion started with their love of food when they first met in their restaurant workplace, eight years later they combined their love of food, business and each other to open Fancy Nancy a Brooklyn restaurant not to be missed.

Ricardo and Ane Trillos – Cao Chocolates.

After 20 years of marriage, these two put their corporate lives behind them and turned their chocolate loving hobbies into a lifestyle, travelling abroad to find the best quality ingredients they reside in beautiful Miami and share their chocolates with the world.