You Won’t Believe These Construction Fails!

Who ever did this work would get a great big F

Construction Fails,,, crowd ink, crowdink
Construction Fails

Whether they do it by trade or consider themselves “handy around the house”, we all know someone who does even the most basic bits of construction—some to great success, suggesting they have a level of professionalism, to others who fail so hilariously that they make lists of people who should just call a professional, or least a more skilled friend.

1 Hopscotch trouble: In this case, participating in round of hopscotch might be a bit difficult with a fence in the way!,, crowd ink, crowdink, funny, humour, wtf, Hopscotch Trouble (Image Source: sarcasmsociety)
Hopscotch Trouble (Image Source: sarcasmsociety)

2 Merry-not-go-round: Going on this ride might just give you a serious headache.,, crowd ink, crowdink, funny, humour, wtf, Merry not go round headache (Image Source: sarcasmsociety)
Merry not go round headache (Image Source: sarcasmsociety)

3 Toilet Trouble: Someone may need to learn the phrase “too close for comfort” as opening this cupboard will prove to be a bit difficult.,, crowd ink, crowdink, funny, humour, wtf, Toilet Trouble (Image Source: sarcasmsociety)
Toilet Trouble (Image Source: sarcasmsociety)

4 Steep Driveway: Going up or down a steep hill can be precarious enough without having to worry about this driveway.,, crowd ink, crowdink, funny, humour, wtf, Steep Driveway (Image Source: sarcasmsociety)
Steep Driveway (Image Source: sarcasmsociety)

5 Road Block: Personally, I think a simple sign saying “road closed” or “dead end ahead” would suffice in telling me to turn around and find an alternate route.,, crowd ink, crowdink, funny, humour, wtf, Road Block (Image Source: sarcasmsociety)
Road Block (Image Source: sarcasmsociety)

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