A Case For Sleeping Without Your Phone

There are more than a couple reasons why you should be keeping it across the room

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Sleeping With Your Phone

We’re all guilty of it – the late night Instagram scroll or the cheeky Facebook stalk that lasts well into the night. Being over-attached to smartphones seems to be the curse of the Millennial generation, but there are serious benefits to keeping your phone away from you once you hop into bed at night:

  1. There’s Always More To See

The internet is infinite, and both luckily and unluckily, its all at our fingertips with smartphones. If you keep your phone on you once you hop into bed, it means there’s always something else to look at, so you’re more likely to stay up later than you should.

  1. It’s Literally A Safety Hazard

Hands up if you’ve ever fallen asleep with your phone in your bed or under your pillow – I promise, you’re not alone. But in 2017, a fire department in Boston showed just how dangerous sleeping with your phone in the bed can be – phones have a tendency to overheat, and it takes a lot less than you might think for it to combust under the covers. If it’s on the charger, there’s an even greater risk. That’s one wake up call you definitely don’t want.

  1. Those Pesky Blue Light Levels

Most of us will have heard it before – blue light, which comes from TV, laptop, and smartphone screens, plays havoc with our melatonin levels, making it harder to sleep. Experts recommend cutting out blue light absorption for at least an hour before you go to bed.

  1. You Can Actually Switch Off

If your phone is constantly buzzing next to you with new notifications, it can feel impossible to ignore them. By keeping your phone away from you, you can sever the temptation, and actually allow yourself to turn off before bedtime.