Did They Or Didn’t They? Missguided Embroiled In Controversy Over Stretch Marks

Customers were quick to accuse the company of Photoshopping stretchmarks onto a model


As people grow more and more concerned with the oversaturation of Photoshopped models, more fashion brands and companies are taking a stand against editing images of their models. Missguided, the online fashion retailer, have been praised in the past for their refusal to edit out stretchmarks on models, but have now been caught up for potentially Photoshopping stretchmarks onto a model.

After the company posted a photo of a model in a pair of the brand’s underwear to their Instagram account, customers were quick to comment, saying that it looked like the stretchmarks had been edited onto the model, as opposed to the usual routine of removing similar marks. Eagle-eyed Instagram followers cited “jagged edges” on the model’s skin, where it looked like stretchmarks may have been superimposed onto the original image.

In a back and forth that’s still continuing, Missguided posted a response, including a quote from the model herself, saying that the only Photoshopping that occurred was when the company edited out the model’s own underwear, worn beneath the modelled garment. It seems like a reasonable enough response, but customers were still unhappy with the reply; accordingly, Missguided would have had to edit stretchmarks onto the model where the underwear had been.

Missguided are still fielding comments from customers and have yet to address the Photoshopping of stretchmarks back onto the model, but it is certainly highlighting the mentality of customers today, and their need to see real, unedited images of models.