Budget Meals for the Lazy Cook

Who has time to concoct complicated gourmet meals?

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Budget Meals (source: Delicious Magazine)

While we all love having delicious, decadent meals on a day to day basis, sometimes we simply can’t.

Not only are complicated meals expensive to shop for, but they take time, and it’s time not all of us have. Some days call for a quick, cheap, but satisfying meal that don’t mean compromising your lounge time after a hard day’s work.

For all those who are too lazy to spend hours in the kitchen, but still want to have a nutritionally dense and tasty meal, here are 5 quick meals you can try that are super easy, and that don’t break the bank.

Roast Vegetables

It might not be the quickest option, but it’s definitely super low maintenance. All you have to do: chop up some vegetables, boil them for several minutes and then throw them in the oven with some oil, garlic and rosemary and let it cook for an hour until they’re golden, crisp and crunchy. While you wait, you can get through all those chores and errands you have, or just sit and watch TV. Some great vegetables for roasting include potatoes, carrots and parsnips, to name a few!

Fried Rice

Now, rice can take around 20 minutes to cook and is a little complicated for some. So why not try the super easy, super-fast microwavable rice? It’s the exact same thing, but takes a quarter of the time. Cook your rice while you stir fry up some vegetables, add some soy sauce and spices, mix together and you’ve got your own quick fried rice, all without having to order any Chinese take-away.


Mii goreng and Ramen can be as little as 60 cents a pack at most supermarkets, and they’re a fantastic staple. Ditch the pre-packed sauces and seasoning and replace them with your own seasoning, that way you know exactly what’s going into your body. Chilli paste, soy sauce, ginger and any sort of nut butter work well to create a fun Asian style noodle, and you can incorporate veggies such as broccoli and beans, or even an egg for some extra protein.

Beans on Toast

As simple and bland as this may sound, it’s actually pretty filling and very good for you. Beans are packed with protein and iron, and are super quick to make. Just chuck them in a saucepan on a stove top, toast up some bread and you’ve got a simple meal ready in minutes. For those wanting some extra nutrition, go for the tins with “secret vegetables” in them. These have your daily vegetable intake blended into the sauce, so you’re eating your greens without even knowing!

Slow Cooker Soup

Slow cookers are incredibly underappreciated, but they are the lazy person’s dream when it comes to cooking. And how easy are soups? Throw all your ingredients in the one pot and let it sit and soak for several hours. Choose your favourite vegetables and seasoning and leave them to cook in a delicious broth while you’re out at work or during classes. When you finally get home, you’ve got a nice warm comfort dish waiting for you.