Baking Inspiration to Help you use up all the Other Fruits in Your Bowl

It's time to give banana bread a break

Baking Inspiration to Help you use up all the Other Fruits in Your Bowl

What’s one way to use over ripened fruit without throwing it out? Baking of course!

Too many oranges? Try this super buttery orange cake

This has been a hit in my household over the last few weeks. As soon as one is finished, the next one is in the oven. It’s just that easy to whip up! Hot tip for this recipe – use a wider tin than a loaf tin. You’ll get a deliciously buttery crust and a much better icing to cake ratio!

Overload of lemons? How about this zingy lemon tart

Here’s a bit more of a challenge. If you’re new to making pastry, I highly recommend just doing a little bit more research. For example, you might need to look at blind-baking your pastry first, and if you do, you’ll need something to weigh the pastry down while it cooks (dried beans or rice are often good choices). If it’s too much work for you, try the orange cake above but swap it for lemons!

Sad old berries in the back of your fridge? Check out this abundance of options!

There is so much you can do with some mushy old berries, and these ideas are not exclusive to strawberries. As long as your little berry friends aren’t growing some new furry ones, give them a second life with some of these super easy and tasty ideas like compotes, jams and icy poles!

Apple’s that are a little worse for wear? Try this highly rated apple crumble

Apples are so unbelievably forgiving. I’ve had apples sitting there for what has felt like three years (probably really a month, tops), and they’ve still been perfectly fine. Stewing apples for any reason means you get to change their texture and help them find a bit of the sweetness they might’ve lost while sitting there sadly (…well, you’d turn bitter too if you were overlooked for a month).

Finally – because we still have so many of them, here’s another use for bananas – try Jamie Oliver’s frozen banoffee cheesecake

If you’re addicted to streaming cooking shows in quarantine, you’ve probably come across Jamie Oliver’s ‘Quick and Easy Food’ series. This is what quarantine cooking is all about – you only need five ingredients. Plus, it basically uses a whole banana tree in the process, so there’s no excuse for wastage!