Alex Gibbs, CMO of The Wine Society, Discusses Digital Business and the Customers of Tomorrow

Alex Gibbs is just one of the many innovators and leaders speaking at the Seamless Expo in May.

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Alex Gibbs

In preparation for the Seamless Expo held at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on May 10th-11th, we have gotten the chance to talk to some of the speakers scheduled for the business-focused weekend, to get an idea of what they’ll be talking about and how they’ve excelled in their careers.

Alex Gibbs is one of the speakers for the Retail section of the expo, focusing his talk on introducing digital business into today’s retailers, and what challenges will be faced and resolved in doing so.

Gibbs is the current CMO of The Wine Society, known as Australia’s original wine club. Alex works alongside the other senior leaders of the business to help achieve sales targets and is responsible for overall revenue and leading a number of people through their activities.

Alex will discuss and address the challenges businesses now face in transitioning retail businesses to a digital world, and how he has done so in the past.

Alex works to assure that everyone in the business, every employer he leads, is familiar with and knows about every aspect of the company, from the walk in stores, to the digital realm. This makes sure that workers feel respected and adequately communicated to, as well as assures the best customer experience. Each staff member is fitted to create the necessary service that makes a business thrive. Alex and his team have what he calls “sales triggers”, which ensure that every lead that comes their way is maximised, and that all areas are measured to make sure the customer comes back.

For Alex, his priorities are teamwork, innovation and customer experience, and this is what he will address in his talk.

To keep Alex’s team motivated and innovated, Alex organizes monthly “think tank” sessions, which gives the team an opportunity to come together and discuss ideas and concepts to help improve the business in any way. Each voice is heard and respected, and each voice and opinion has the possibility for positive growth. Alex believes good ideas can grow from anywhere, and wants to help fuel them.

Alex’s heavy focus on teamwork and supporting innovation, wherever it may come from, is what has helped him thrive in his career, as well as what’s helped The Wine Society grow over the years.

So, if you’re a business looking to develop in the digital world, but need a head start on how, then it’s time you scheduled yourself for that well needed business weekend. Get yourself and your team ready for Seamless Expo!

Alex’s discussion will be held on day 2 in the afternoon, but there’s plenty more innovators and business people leading talks over the weekend, so why not check out what else you can learn? For more information on Seamless Expos, check out their page here, and download the weekend’s brochure.

Alex has since moved to a new role as CMO of Smile.