Airport Approved Beauty Must Haves for Your Flight

You only need these few simple products to get that refreshed and hydrated look, even while miles high in the air.

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Travel Beauty Products

The summer season is upon us, and that means holidays and jet plane journeys to new and exciting destinations. Everyone knows that travelling can be draining, and, flying especially, can leave you feeling drowsy and dry-skinned. But, if you make sure to fill your beauty travel bag with these compact essentials, you’ll be able to get off the plane ready to take on the tropical weather.

  1. Lucas’s Paw-Paw Ointment:

If Lucas’s paw-paw ointment isn’t already a staple in your handbag, then it should be. It does wonders, not just your lips, but also as a great eyeshadow primer and skin soother. To use as a primer, add a small amount to your lid, wait until it is dry, and then apply eyeshadow over the top. It’ll be wearable for hours without getting gunky after a long day. This all-rounder and valuable essential is perfect for just about anything. Click here for a list of more wonders the super ointment is capable of.

  1. Rosewater Spray

This is a facial spray that keeps you feeling hydrated. Basically, it’s a mist made with fragrant herbal extracts and rosewater, giving you a pleasant pick-me-up for tired, dehydrated skin. It can be sprayed over day and night creams, and even tones skin and sets makeup. It’s the perfect travel must-have.

  1. Organic Face Wipes

Some cheaper face wipes can leave your skin irritated, or even leave a fine film of chemical product over your skin, drying it out even more. That’s why going organic is worth it. Try Eco-Care Organic Apple & Honey Face Wipes, they will cleanse the skin and remove oil build up. Plus, they smell of apples, and the honey adds natural moisture and antioxidants to assist skin with hydration and rejuvenation. If you’ve had a long flight, nothing feels better than wiping your face clean of dirt and dust.

  1. Moisturizer

When travelling on a plane, your skin is likely to dry up. The air-conditioning tends to suck out moisture, making your face dry and tight. That’s why it’s essential to get a good hydrating moisturizer, keeping your skin feeling refreshed, smooth and hydrated. If you want to have a glowing, sun-kissed look, ready for the warm beachy days ahead, use a tinted moisturizer, which will help even out your skin tone.

Keep these essentials beauty products close on the plane and throughout your holiday. They will come in handy on the beach as well. Safe travels beach babes!

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