5 DIY Ways to Make Your Old Clothes Shine Bright like a Diamond Again!

Here are five ways you can recycle the old and create something new.

DIY Clothing (Image Source: style motivation), crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au, crowd ink, crowdink
DIY Clothing (Image Source: style motivation)

The changing of the seasons is a wonderful thing. As we slowly come to shed our winter layers and embrace the shorts and dresses hidden in the back of our closets, we tend to find that there is a lot there that doesn’t quite fit anymore.

But before you go crazy with the garbage bags, why not try and recycle some of your old pieces and make them new again. How, you ask? It’s easy, and it might even save you some money when it comes to buying new clothes.

Here are five ways you can recycle the old and create something new:

  • Old jeans. We’ve all got them; you know the ones, hidden in the back of the wardrobe in the hopes that one day you’ll be able to fit into them again. Well, that day has finally come. But instead of jeans, you can transform them into a new pair of shorts! Do this by measuring and cutting the legs of the jeans to a length of your choice. This will give you a new custom pair of denim shorts and your beloved jeans new life. You can even try trimming the bottom of the shorts with lace to personalise your new shorts even more, talk about one of a kind!
  • Now that winter’s over you can go crazy with colour! In fact, yellows and pinks are on trend this season. So, with that in mind, why not take an old dress and use fabric dyes to inject a little colour, think tie-dye but less 60s and more fashionista. This also works with tops and skirts, so be original and let your inner stylist come out to play.
  • Since summer is here those scarfs in your wardrobe are not needed anymore. That’s OK though, because with this easy tutorial you can take your old scarf and transform it into a new throwover, perfect for a summer’s night or a day at the beach. It’s super easy too, and can be paired with anything! Click here to find out more.
  • Turn those boring tees into something you’d actually be excited to wear! Give them a revamp using fabric flowers, ribbon, or trimming to create a statement collar! This idea is perfect for the basics in your wardrobe that you’ve lost interest in, and will give you the chance to put your sewing and creativity skills to the test!
  • Lastly, if you’ve been waiting forever to update your shoe collection but think you can’t afford to, guess again! We have the perfect DIY solution for you! Get creative by using lace accents, sparkles, ribbon and paint to create a whole new shoe makeover. Remember, no part of the shoe is off limits! Revamping your old favourite heels? Why not try painting the underside a bright colour to show off when you’re walking. You’ll have your friends asking for custom designs in no time!

So there you have it, five ways to turn your old clothes into something new. Don’t be too shy to get creative, make your worn out clothes shine bright as new!