Aging Well Together: The Perfect Wine and Cheese Combinations

As the saying goes, nothing ages better than a fine wine – but what cheese?

Aging Well Together: The Perfect Wine and Cheese Combinations
Aging Well Together: The Perfect Wine and Cheese Combinations

Finding the perfect wine and cheese pairing can be a tasty endeavour, especially when you consider the need to match tannin, texture, acidity and creaminess. It’s also a challenge to ensure that you team cheeses and wine that play off each other’s flavours, rather than overpowering one or the other. Without further ado, let’s explore some winning wine and cheese combinations.

Bold reds and aged cheeses

Aged cheeses tend to have a higher fat content than their fresh counterparts, and this pairs exceptionally well with high-tannin reds such as Sangiovese and Chianti. Look for rich cheeses that have been aged for over a year, like Cheddar, Manchego, Grana Padano and Pecorino, and combine them Italian reds such as Brunello di Montalcino or Aglianico.

Sweet wines and your favourite stinky cheese

The sweeter the wine, the better it is able to counteract the funkiness of washed-rind and blue-veined cheeses. In this case, the wine’s sweetness and the cheese’s edginess balance each other out, creating a creamy taste that is neither too sweet nor too funky. Two classic sweet-and-stinky pairings include Port and Stilton, and Sauternes and Roquefort.

Sparkling and soft cheeses

Highly acidic and carbonated wines, such as Champagne, pair exceptionally well with soft and bloomy rind cheeses like Brie. Sparkling wines offer a nice palate cleansing effect when consumed with Camembert, Muenster and other sticky, creamy cheeses.

The best all-rounders

If everything from a tannic red to a fruity white wine is being served, one of your safest cheese bets is a firm, nutty type – think Swiss, Gouda or Emmental. These cheeses strike the ultimate balance between fat and flavour, so they can handle full-bodied reds while also being subtle enough to complement delicate whites.

You’ve got your wine and cheese pairings down pat, but these winning combos won’t hit the jackpot unless your wine is served at its optimum temperature. Grand Cru wine fridges combine regulated climate control with innovative technology to ensure your wine, regardless of its cheesy counterpart, will always be served at its best.

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