A Virtual Met Gala is Happening, and YOU are Invited!

No waist-cinching attire necessary!

A Virtual Met Gala is Happening, and YOU are Invited!

An event once coveted by Kim Kardashian (let’s remember, she was only someone’s plus one at her first) has suddenly opened its doors to everyone. That’s correct fashion lovers and couch critics. The 2020 Met Gala is happening online, and you can attend.

As with all things in the foreseeable future of 2020, like every sport, every award show and every night at the pub, the Met Gala has been cancelled. However, rising from the glittery ashes of all our dashed red carpet hopes and dreams, is the High Fashion Twitter Met Gala. The event will occur on the same date of the original Gala and will follow the same theme: ‘About Time: Fashion and Duration’ – or as the Twitter invite puts it, ‘Temporal Conflation’.

The event is constructed of a series of challenges – the ‘Photoset Creation’ asking the audience to post photos of what they would wear to the Gala within the confines of the theme, the ‘Brand Challenge’ asking attendees to create a look from whichever lesser-known high fashion brand they are assigned, the ‘Wardrobe Styling’ session asking attendees to spotlight some of the heroes in their own closets, and the ‘Illustration Expression’ offering all those artists in quarantine the opportunity to show off their fashion sketching skills.

Celebrating social distancing, sustainability and a bit of fashion-loving unity – don’t miss this night of nights (or morning of mornings… or afternoon of afternoons…) wherever in the world you are.

You can find the link to RSVP here.