A New Generation of Art Collectors that Aren’t Breaking the Bank

Want to start your fine art collection without breaking the bank?

A New Generation of Art Collectors that Aren’t Breaking the Bank

As a young art collector, it may seem far beyond our reach to ever begin or grow our creative collection. The art world has been an industry that is unattainable for most to ever make a purchase. Art Money has provided a way to access and experience the creative fine art world that initially we have so long admired and adored only from a gallery wall. Now, we can begin to champion artists and support emerging creatives that we care about without overburdening ourselves financially.

The Art Money Team have given us a way to afford beautiful pieces of creative works without breaking the bank. Art Money seeks to empower art lovers to buy art, support artists, galleries and contribute to sustaining the creative industries that we so greatly admire.

The way this innovative initiative works is that first as an art buyer you make a quick and easy application to Art Money online. Secondly, you get choose and find art that you love at a gallery that Art Money is partnered with. Then thirdly, you get to purchase and take home your new piece of art after paying a minimum 10% deposit at the gallery and a further 10 payments over the coming months.

Art Money has designed a unique service that has a vision that we can begin to purchase pieces of art for the love of them rather than the desire to accumulate investment pieces or money-making assets. It has allowed for a new generation of collectors and buyers to engage with and buy art, whilst also increasing demand within the creative economy and contributing to a flourishing artistic market.

This acceleration of change within the art marketplace has created a more inclusive space that no longer is pushing passionate art buyers, collectors and creatives away.

Everyone now has the opportunity to experience the thought-provoking lenses that artists place on their works, enjoy the vibrancy of a piece, accept the various challenges an artwork may evoke and feel no restraint or financial limitations of purchasing a new piece for your now growing collection.

Be empowered by the opportunities and joy that art can bring to your life. Use Art Money – https://www.artmoney.com/au

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