6 Tips to Write the Perfect Thank You Note

Sending a lovely thank you note is an art that’s simple to master and one that shows you care.


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Thank You Note

Sending a lovely thank you note is an art that’s simple to master and one that shows you care.

In society today, it is all too easy to send a thank you text or email, but there is simply nothing like the joy of receiving a thank you note in the mail. Not only does it make the person you are writing to feel important, it also says a great deal about you, your manners and of course your sense of style!
Make writing thank you notes a joyous experience, rather than a painful task that you resent. Here are some pointers for getting yourself ‘thank you note writing’ ready:

1. Be Prepared

Have stationery to hand, then you can concentrate on writing your letter, rather than on buying the stationery itself.

2. Appearance Matters

Make sure you like the stationery you are writing on. I find the words tend to flow much more easily when I’m writing on lovely stationery.

3. Clear Your Space

Find an uncluttered place to write. The kitchen bench amongst the unpacked groceries isn’t the most relaxing of locations, so find somewhere else.

4. The Right Equipment

Use a good pen. There is nothing worse than getting three quarters of the way through a thank you note to have your pen make splotches on the paper and you find you have to start again. All inspiration can be lost.

5. Get Some Practice First

If you’re not sure what to write, doing a draft is a great idea.

6. Wear Your Heart on Your Stationery

Write from the heart and you can never go wrong.

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Alexandra Blakemore is the CEO and founder of French Navy, a boutique stationery and etiquette company, catering to the corporate, retail and private clients. She is also the co-­‐founder of The Happiness at Work Program, a 30-­ day program devised to improve personal happiness and positively impact workplace productivity. Alexandra is a sought after commentator on etiquette, happiness and related lifestyle matters and has appeared across a range of national media.