5 Ways to Turn Your Household Junk into Art

Transform your home into an art gallery using basic household items.

5 Ways to Turn Your Household Junk into Art [image source: 6yes.net], crowd ink, crowdink, crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au
5 Ways to Turn Your Household Junk into Art [image source: 6yes.net]

Do you have a bunch of unwanted items lying around in your home sitting there and gathering dust? Here are five ways you can recycle some of these items and turn them into a work of art!

1. Decorative Candles

If you have a number of empty jars sitting in your cupboard unused, then here’s a great way to transform them into decorative candles. There are heaps of items and objects you could add to brighten up your new candles such as pebble stones, flat-back stones, sea shells, colourful fabric, ribbon, and paint.

2. Makeup Brush Holders and Jewellery Dishes

These DIY items both require a glass container or a crystal bowl of some kind, a glass candle stick holder, as well as a decent amount of industrial strength glue. You can be as creative as you like with both of these newly transformed items. Try adding diamantes to your jewellery dish or coloured marbles to your makeup brush holder as shown in the video above.

3. Electrical Cord Holders

Instead of letting all of your toilet rolls pile up in the bin, you can use them to make your own cord holders. So no longer does your phone charger or computer cord have to be tangled up into a heap of chaos. You can decorate your new cord holders with contact paper, your own drawings and artwork, paint, ribbon, et cetera.

4. Lamp Holder

Turn your old empty bottles into a lamp holder for your bedside table. All you need is a spare electrical lamp cord and a lamp shade as shown in the video above. Fill your lamp holder with decorative items such as colourful rocks or pebbles to add a hint of colour and creativity.

5. Wall Décor

Do you have hundreds of old CDs that you don’t listen to anymore? Use them to create your very own wall décor like the one in the video above. Your friends and family will probably be dying to know which store you bought your new home décor from.

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