5 Ways to do Your Avocado on Toast

Follow these recipes to start your morning right

5 Ways to do Your Avocado on Toast

Everyone loves avocado on toast for breakfast or brunch. It’s yummy, relatively healthy and super easy to make. Here’s five great ways to do your avocado toast.

1. The Good Old Classic Mashed Avo
Go back to basic with the classic mashed avocado on toast with any protein you like. Mash a ripe avocado, spread it on a toast, sprinkle it with some salt and pepper (chilli flakes if you feel like a little bit of kick) and voilà, you’re set for breakfast. If you’re feeling fancy you can also top it with smoked salmon, crispy bacon, eggs or any protein you like.

2. The Kylie Jenner
This is apparently how Kylie Jenner does her avocado on toast. You will need sliced ripe avocado, some honey, chili flakes, salt and pepper and here’s the piéce de résistance; toasted naan. You can use sourdough if you don’t have naan lying around in the kitchen too. The combination of sweet and savoury in this recipe will leave you wanting more.

3. Cheese it up
Certain kinds of cheese go really well with avocado on toast. Some types of cheese that will make amazing toppers are feta, goat cheese and mature cheddar. You can always experiment with different types of cheese too. Here’s one recipe for avocado on toast with feta cheese on top.

4. Mexican Avocado Toast
Get that mix of guacamole and pico de gallo in one bite by putting some salsa on your avocado toast. The salsa will give that tangy flavour to your ordinary avocado toast. Follow this recipe by Leah Itsines Here.

5. Avocado on Bagel
With a little bit of twist to ordinary avocado toast, this will take your breakfast to the next level. If you’re bored of using bread, get some toasted bagel to replace it. Spread some cream cheese and diced avocado on top. Get the full recipe here.

Avocado toast is always perfect to start your morning. You can always experiment with different recipes and ingredients as avocado is a very versatile ingredient. You can make it sweet, savoury or a mix of both depending on your mood!