Founder of The B. Launch, Denise Rossi, is Using her Expertise to Empower Others

Founder of The B. Launch, Denise Rossi, is Using her Expertise to Empower Others

Denise Rossi, founder of The B Launch™, uses her platform to motivate, empower, inspire and educate aspiring entrepreneurs to launch their dream brand.  

CrowdInk was lucky to have the opportunity to dig a little deeper into Denise’s story, chatting one-on-one with the founder about all things business, entrepreneurship and empowerment.

What’s the Inspiration Behind Your Business?

The inspiration behind The B. Launch™ came from my over 15 years working as a top marketing executive for top fashion publications, brands, agencies and entertainment companies in NYC where I not only was able to learn top trade techniques from C-Suite and industry executives, but from brands that I worked with and during the last year and listened to our clients on the demand for more resources on the foundations of launching a business and navigating all the strategies needed to great a successful launch and growth the business.

The B. Ready Method™ empowers our entrepreneurs to BE READY by providing a top-level framework to create a brand mindset, take decisive actions to effectively launch their ideas, businesses and more, no matter the industry. Also launched our exclusive B. Ready Method ™ as an entrepreneur go-to branding and marketing checklist before launching any business idea.

The B Launch™ Brand provides entrepreneurs with the fundamental overview of top strategies, step-by-step methods, brand mindset and development, marketing, attract target audiences, generate sales and more to create the launch success they always dreamed of!

What is the Problem You’re Trying to Solve? Or USP?

The B. Launch™ provides the resources, products, ebook/books, methodology and business mindset techniques to female entrepreneurs and business owners

We provide the mentorship, business resources and 1:1 guidance needed to have a success business launch, generate sales and scale business for growth.

Who is Your Ideal Customer? 

The ideal customers are female entrepreneurs and business owners seeking to either launch a brand or seeking to rebrand their business.

Have you Been Impacted by Covid, if so how have you Pivoted Your Business?

I believe that Covid impacted every business globally and continues to do. The B. Launch™ actually was launched from my agency as I saw a demand to assist female entrepreneurs and business owners to navigate their brand launches or rebranding efforts, business strategy, sales and more during this unprecedented time as well as sustain the continual market changes.

What are Your Goals for 2022 and Beyond?

My goals for 2022 and beyond is to grow The B. Launch™ on a global scale and provide clients with new products, programs, services, books and brand events to assist them to reach their greatest potential.

What Advice do you Have for Other Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs? 

The advice I would give for aspiring female entrepreneurs is the time is always now to go after their dreams and do not fear failure. Success is always on the other side of fear. Mindset is the most important part in not only launching your own business, but also navigate the evolution on your business.

Once you have mastered your mindset, then you open yourself up to build a successful brand that will not only serve and fill a solution for your target audience, but will withstand current market trends.

You can connect with Denise via:

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