5 Ways to Avoid Dieting for the Better

5 ways to avoid dieting while looking and feeling your best!

Apples, Almonds, and Dark Chocolate, crowdink, crowd ink, crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au
Apples, Almonds, and Dark Chocolate

Have you ever tried dieting? It’s hard right? What would you say if I said ditch the diet and clear your mind of fads. It’s time to take a step backwards into common sense.

When you look back at photos of people in the 60’s and 70’s − maybe you are looking at old photographs of your parents − in Australia, most people were thinner back then. Nowadays with fast food on every corner you turn, being overweight is a big, fat reality that Australian society has to deal with.

Let’s face it, no matter what your size you are, everyone has tried dieting… am I right? This could be due to many reasons such as getting healthy, eating more nutritious foods, and losing weight.

A diet restricts your eating habits and what you avoid eating will come back and bite you in the behind when you least expect it. So stick with these five reasons on why you should ditch that diet and not go back to square one.

Here are the five things you should do instead of dieting…

  1. Understand that Diets are Fads

Many nutritionists believe that diets do not work, because the interest in dieting trends come from the people and companies that sell such fads like pills, protein shakes, books and more on dieting. They just want your moolah. So instead of reaching out to the latest dieting success story, don’t. Do what your gut tells you.

  1. Have a Balanced Diet

By maintaining a balanced diet you should be able to keep that chocolate in your cupboard (dark chocolate would be best) and have a square of it to feed your sweet craving. By doing this, you shouldn’t need to fulfil any other cravings.

Food Pyramid [image source: US Dept. of Agriculture], crowd ink, crowdink, crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au
Food Pyramid [image source: US Dept. of Agriculture]
  1. Eat Smaller Portions

Let’s face it; we can all over indulge a little too much at times. I am guilty of this crime too. I mean how can you let such good spaghetti and meatballs go to waste and daymn, doesn’t garlic bread go well with pasta sauce… or is that just me? Try minimising your food portions each time you eat and making less food is always a good start too.

  1. Avoid Sudden Change in Diet

Having a sudden change in your diet gives your body a shock. If you restrict certain types of foods, your body will react badly. If you decide to give up carbs and sugar for a couple of weeks, your body will start to crave foods with the highest amount of calories and highest fat content like never before and you can’t except to fight that for very long.

  1. Snack While You’re on the Run

If you’re about to head out, grab a handful of almonds or an apple and eat it on the go. It’s a much better way to snack than mindlessly consuming that whole bag of chips while watching your favorite TV show (Which I presume is either Gilmore Girls or Game of Thrones…can’t be both can it?)

Apples, Almonds, and Dark Chocolate, crowdink, crowd ink, crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au
Apples, Almonds, and Dark Chocolate

Doing all this will save you money on dieting fads, keep your body happy, and best of all, give you the outcome you were striving for. When it comes down to it, common sense always wins.

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