5 Tips on How to Enjoy a Long Engagement

Here are five ways to actually enjoy being engaged long-term.

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Long Engagement

For some couples, being engaged long-term is not on their wish list. On average, engaged couples are usually married in the first twelve to fifteen months which is considered a ‘short term’ engagement. However, let’s not forget that the time frame between being engaged and getting married can consist of a whole lot of stress, headache, and frustration. There are many good factors with a long-term engagement including these five listed below.

  1. Enjoy and Build Your Life Before Getting Married

This is the best time in your life to enjoy yourself and get an idea of what your future and long-term goals will be after getting married. You can still do this as an engaged couple, without the constant stress of planning a wedding. Don’t be afraid to take a weekend away together or go on cute dates like you did when you first started dating. Your partner will still want to spend time with you, whether you’re married or not.

  1. Save Money

This is a great way to enjoy a long-term engagement as you have plenty of time to save money for the big day. This is especially helpful for couples who wish to indulge in their wedding plans and book a luxurious venue or a famous wedding photographer. Either way, the longer you wait to get married, the more likely you’ll be to have extra money to rely on.

  1. Stress Less and Plan Later

A long-term engagement allows you to stress less on all the plans, phone calls, and appointments you have to face, especially if you and your partner are not planning to get married for at least another two years. If anything, book your ideal venue ahead of time and forget about the rest of the planning until twelve months before the wedding day.

  1. More Time to Be a ‘Single’ Couple

If you’re planning to have kids shortly after tying the knot, then this is the best time to enjoy each other’s company without the stress of pregnancy and raising a family. Once your first child is born, there will be less ‘couple’ time and most likely a dinner date will need to be scheduled around your suddenly busy routine.

  1. More Time to Get Fit

If you and/or your partner have an ideal goal weight you’d like to reach before your wedding day, then this is another great reason to enjoy a long engagement. This means you have more time to go to gym, for a run or walk, and create healthy eating habits. When the big day finally arrives, you will feel fantastic and be glad that you waited a little longer to get married.

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