5 Reasons to Listen to Your Intuition

Your intuition is always going, just listen in and follow. The relationship will grow and you will become more familiar when you start to do this daily.

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Everyone has intuition and you don’t have to reconnect, because it is ALWAYS present.

If it’s been shut down for a long time, it can get quiet, or we can be out of relationship with it. But, just like any relationship, all we have to do to repair it is nurture it and let it know we’re here, we’re listening.

Our intuition is our most potent of gifts. It is our connection to the Divine. It is a guidance system built into the very soul of our cells. Our intuition is far beyond our thought process’s capability. It is not based in reason, but rather a knowing far beyond logic.

Intuition shows up in every moment, from those that seem minute to the epic decisions of life. It shows up everywhere from picking a partner to picking the right piece of fruit at the market.

It’s a deep down knowing that THIS is for you [and THAT is not in alignment].

But when we tell it ‘be quiet, shut up, I’ve got this figured out’ more often than we listen, we start forgetting how to listen. It’s like reviving a language we used to speak fluently, but somehow forgot from lack of use.

Once we come back to it, we pick right back up and our memory kicks in. Listening in can sometimes feel intimidating. I often hear questions from clients like:

What if I don’t hear it right?

What if I don’t know what I’m listening for?

What if it’s my ego talking and not my intuition?

I like to explain it like this: Intuition is your gut-knowing instinct. Anything else is just ‘I think…’

Head-based vs. Soul-based

Your intuition is always going, just listen in and follow. The relationship will grow and you will become more familiar when you start to do this daily.

Take a deep breath and say this aloud every time doubt in yourself or your ability creeps in: I am open to hearing and following my intuition. It grows stronger every time I listen.

Why Intuition Matters

When we listen in to what we already know deep down, all our actions feel good because they’re in alignment with our soul knowing. A deep foundational understanding is laid: one of trust. From that we can take aligned action that feels effortless because it’s so congruent.

When supporting clients in self-rediscovery these 5 things often occur:

  1. They heal the relationship with their body and enjoy food and daily movement. They ENJOY their bodies and live in joy with them.
  1. Perfectionism and the being hard on themselves falls away and makes way for comfort and love.
  1. Relationships are mended or fall away without bitterness. Once they’re grounded in their ”I AM,” relationships with others become clear. Supportive ones flourish and destructive ones fade in a way that feels right.
  1. Business blossoms. When you’re right with yourself and feel safe sharing the true you, this strengthens your message and connections.
  1. Money flows in with ease. Decisions are easier to make and take action on because you’re comfortable with You and know what is and isn’t right for you. Decisive action leads to profits, raises, and energetically supportive collaborations.

Even if it doesn’t make logical ‘sense’, if you know beyond logic that something is meant for you [whether it’s going left instead of right or taking this opportunity and not that one] big or small, trust and follow.

We were designed with this inner guidance system from the beginning. It is you. Intuition is an intrinsic integral part of your entirety. Let it flow.