5 Money Saving Hacks From the World’s Tightest Millennial

How to save like a pro.

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Saving Money (source: Girl Who Thinks)

It’s me. I am the world’s tightest millennial. My best friend’s dad calls me TAG- Tight Arse George. Nice one Darren.

Is it a problem? A disease? I don’t think so.

I’m just a girl who thinks, who really thinks, before she spends.

Here are my top five easy hacks to help you bulk up that bank account and earn yourself a nickname as cool as mine.

1. Don’t buy clothes

What I mean here of course, is don’t buy clothes on the regular. Invest in quality, versatile pieces that you will have for the next few years. You can wear them time and time again and if they are classic then they wont go out of style.

2. Don’t eat out

Catching up with friends? Suggest a walk or a coffee over breakfast or a dinner. These $20-40 splurges seem reasonable at the time, but added up over a few months can really drain your funds.

3. Drink coffee at home and tea at the office

A little hack I picked up from a friend living in London, where coffee is about $6 AUD for a standard cup- Instead of buying your $4 latte from that café every morning, brew your coffee for free at home, then bring tea bags into work and use the kettle when you are craving a warm beverage in the winter months. Clever.

4. Pre-drink

Cocktails are expensive. One bottle of vodka is basically equivalent to two espresso martinis. That’s ridiculous. Don’t be stupid. Drink at home.

5. Don’t use Instagram

All of the addictive shoppers I know are equally as addicted to Instagram. It makes you want to buy things you don’t need, so you can look a way you don’t need to, to impress people who couldn’t care less. Either delete it or tailor your feed to feature less manufactured images- admittedly an almost impossible feat.