UberEATS Launches Alcohol Home Delivery

Just in time for the footy season.

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Uber Eats (source: Uber)

With the footy season just starting, there’s nothing better than cosying up to the TV with takeaway and a beer, and watching your favourite team play.

Well now that’s become even easier, with UberEATS announcing the launch of alcohol delivery in Melbourne.

There are over 30 venues registered to deliver booze including some of our favourite joints, Thirty Eight Chairs, Shizuku Ramen and Craft Beer, Homeslice Pizza and On It Burgers.

However, before you decide whether this is the best or the most dangerous thing to happen to the delivery industry there are some conditions:

– Its beer and wine only. There’s a limit of either six beers or one bottle of wine per order.
– You have to order the alcohol with a meal
– People who order must be over the age of 18 and be able to verify with valid ID
– The delivery-partner will not hand over the alcohol if they’re not convinced the customer is over 18, or of the customer appears to be intoxicated.
– Its only served between 12-9 PM

Not to mention it’s only in Melbourne for the time being.

“Melbourne was the first Australian city to get UberEATS, so it makes sense to try out new this experience here first too,” a spokesperson said.

“While there are no immediate plans for a broader roll out, we look forward to hearing feedback from our customers on this new UberEATS experience to be able to bring it to more people as quickly as possible.”

Although UberEATS isn’t the first app to offer alcohol delivery, it’s one of the largest services and is sure to attract a large number of high end restaurants.