5 Mistakes you are Making Which are Damaging Your Sensitive Skin

Before you head to the beauty counter, read this guide to make sure you’re not doing more harm than good.

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Sensitive Skin (source: Skin Care)

Skin irritation just won’t quit. A slight change in the weather or change in beauty product can send your skin into a frenzy with redness, irritation, dryness or just general discomfort.

But before you had to the beauty counter, take a look at yourself first and make sure you’re not making these damaging mistakes!

1. Using Product With Fragrances

Did you know that people can be allergic to scents? This applies for your make up as well so make sure you choose fragrance- free products and soaps.

It’s often quite hard to tell what your trigger is because fragrances can be a combination of scents. So instead, try test the formula on the spot. If it’s a product for your face apply it in front of your ear and see if you get a rash. If it’s a body product then test it on your forearm. You can usually tell by 24- hours if there is any reaction.

If there’s no sign of a reaction then you’re good to go! But be really careful- anything that touches your skin can cause an outbreak or allergy.

2. Not wearing daily SPF

Your mum has probably told you again and again, and I’m going to tell you as well; do not skip out on sunscreen!! The UV rays are intense and damaging and will make your skin more sensitive.

However, be careful choosing a sunscreen that is right for your skin. Mineral-based sunscreens are best as they won’t flare up allergies. Also, look for ones that contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which are skin friendly.

3. Using Makeup Wipes

While it is really important to remove your make-up at the end of the day, make up wipes are damaging for sensitive skin. Makeup wipes pull at your face and also contain a lot of harsh ingredients like alcohol, which can cause stinging and burning.

Instead opt for something more gentle like micellar water followed by a face wash to remove all the product from the day. And if you absolutely love wipes, try the Cetaphil ones which are made for sensitive skin.

4. Misusing exfoliator

Do not scrub too hard! Over cleaning and overzealous scrubbing will take its toll on sensitive skin and removes all the natural oils. You need a protective barrier between your skin and the environment. If you strip your face of that layer through exfoliating, it will leave you vulnerable to rashes.

Instead, of washing more often, wash wisely instead. Find a cleanser formulated for sensitive skin that works double time with each application.

5. Not using moisturiser

People with sensitive skin often swear off using products as they can’t find a perfect fit. But this is not a good idea, especially with moisturiser! Sensitive skin is already vulnerable to dehydration and environmental aggressors, so hydration is essential.

Take the time to find a moisturiser that works with your skin. For the winter months, pair with rosehip oil for the added hydration.