5 Easy Ways To Lose Weight Through Health

At the end of your rope with dieting? Here's our easy, 5 step plan to weight loss that WORKS.

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Exercise Daily

If you’re tired of trying fad diets that make you feel deprived, hungry, depressed, and tired, then look no further because I have 5 of the easiest ways to lose weight through health.

You see…

Losing weight doesn’t have to make you feel bad. It should make you feel great!

That’s why I started to change my approach in weight loss. Because I was just like you. I loved eating, and I hated feeling starved. I hated being told that I had to eat certain foods, and avoid others.

So that is why I decided to create my own system for weight loss. It’s called healthy weight loss, and it helped me lose 13kgs and go from 27% body fat, to 14.8%. It reduced my PMS, cleared my skin, made me happier, helped me sleep better, made me less irritable, and helped me feel more CONFIDENT.

So what are the 5 of the easiest ways to lose weight through health?

Drink Lots of Water

You’ve no doubt heard this over and over again, but drinking water is responsible for helping a lot of women lose weight without changing anything else. Yes, that’s right by just drinking 2 glasses of water 20 minutes before your next meal; you will eat less food because you feel full sooner.

Not just this, but drinking water speeds your metabolism by 30%, and in fact when you’re dehydrated your metabolism slows by an additional 10%.  How often are you dehydrated?

Have The Four Ss’ Each Day

The four Ss’ mean consuming a green smoothie, dark leafy green salad, healthy snack, and vegetable soup per day. If you just do that, you will see significant and easy weight loss.

Why? Because you’re getting a lot of fluids and fibre from your food, which makes you feel full.

You’re also consuming a lot of living enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, which is responsible for boosting your immune system, and giving you optimal healthy, energy and body confidence.

The best way to consume the four Ss is from your own kitchen; using ingredients you can control yourself.

Exercise Daily

It’s important for your weight loss, and your mental health to be active daily. Exercising daily doesn’t mean doing workouts you hate. It’s about finding what is fun for you so you can keep doing it daily, rather than avoiding it.

If you’re exercising at low intensity, workout for an hour. For example walking, light jogging, Pilates, body pump, yoga etc. do for 1 hour each day. If you’re doing high intensity workouts, then 30 minutes will be great to get your body burning enough calories for weight loss. Remember you can’t lose weight unless you burn more calories than you eat.


If you’re someone who feels stressed, and anxious almost everyday, this could result in emotional eating problems.

The more stress we produce, the more we eat sugary, fatty foods, while our metabolism slows down.

Therefore by meditating, twice daily or just daily, you will feel significantly less stressed in just 8 weeks of doing it almost daily.

Many experts recommend 20 minutes, twice a day. But I have found anywhere between 10-20 minutes once a day works fine as well. You will feel less stressed, less anxious, and calm. This helps fight sugar and fatty cravings, and also eat less.

Quit Sugar

This is starting to become very common amongst all weight loss programs. I have been sugar free for almost 5 years, and I have never ever missed sugar since. I don’t feel left out, and I definitely don’t crave the foods anymore. And I was a HUGE sugar monster.

The best way to quit sugar is by taking things slow. A lot of successful weight loss comes from just cutting sugar from your diet. Sugar causes weight gain, moodiness, acne, aging, and bad sleep.

Bottom Line: So there you have 5 of the easiest ways to lose weight through health! If you find some of these steps hard to implement checkout my healthy weight loss website hschool.com, you will be able to access programs, and tips to help you implement these steps, nice and easy.