4 ideas for Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, why not spend some time doing something together.

Father's Day
Father's Day

When it comes to Father’s Day we can tend not to make a big fanfare about it. Usually a gift from a hardware store, some socks and jocks or a world’s greatest Dad mug. This Father’s Day why not try spending some quality time together. Here are 4 activity ideas for Father’s Day.

  1. Sunday Markets at Docklands.Every Sunday the docklands becomes a hub of busy activity with a range of things to buy and do. Treat Dad to a nice lunch as you peruse the various things on sale.
  2. Start a DIY project together. Instead of just buying something from Bunnings, why not suggest a trip together where you can decide on a project together. We often focus on the materialistic side of gift buying, but a gift that encourages spending quality time together is the best gift you can give, plus you can enjoy a Bunnings snag as you go.
  3. Go to his favourite restaurant for lunch/dinner. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Sharing a meal together shows that you care, yet it doesn’t inherently place too much weight or expectation on the day itself. Dads can be apprehensive  when it comes to celebrating Father’s Day so keeping it chilled while still doing something is a great way to circumnavigate the stubborn Dad.
  4. Tell him you love him and ask how he is doing. This is the easiest one to do, but can be the most impactful. Men experience a higher rate of mental health problems and this can be largely due to an inability to share their emotions, or a feeling that they need to fit into a stereotype, with fathers in particular. Regardless of the situation in your family, fathers will put on a brave face and often forgo showing too much emotion so as to be a ‘strong’ male role model. This Father’s Day, break that illusion and share you emotions, you might just give him the greatest gift of all.



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