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Rove McManus has returned to Tv with Saturday Night Rove, airing on Channel 10 and the WIN network.

Rove (Image Source- Comedy)
Rove (Image Source- Comedy)

This weekend saw the premiere of ‘Saturday Night Rove’, a live hour of an amalgamation of a talk show, skits, and comedy that aims to take audiences back to the days where you would sit in front of the television on a Saturday night and enjoy your evening with whatever programming happened to be on. Where you could laugh and sometimes cringe as live television produced both wonderful and somewhat awkward moments between Rove, the assortment of regular comedians and guests stars. Rove is one of the most popular television hosts on Australian TV, his show ‘Rove Live’ which aired between 1999-2009 won him 3 Gold Logies and a further 3 nominations, in addition to 3 more nominations for ‘Are you smarter than a 5th grader’.

The format is simple, Each week Rove will be joined by series regulars Alex Lee, Alex Jae, Justin Hamilton and Judith Lucy, plus a myriad of special guests. For the premiere episode, Jessica Mauboy, Luke McGregor and Ivan Aristeguieta, “It’s great to be back doing what I love most, which is causing trouble in a live television studio,” said Rove. The opening show has received mixed reviews, with plenty of cringe-worthy moments some felt that it was a tad forced. However that is the beauty of live television, you never know what to expect. Some of it will fall flat, while other things will exceed expectation. Take the segment that Rove explained was basically getting the guest stars, in this case Jessica Mauboy, to sell some of their stuff on eBay with proceeds going to a charity of the stars choosing. Mauboy brought a custom made Levi’s Demin Jacket which she wore for Eurovision, the jacket is currently on auction at almost $40,000!

With 5 weeks left check out ‘Saturday Night Rove’ at 7.30pm on Channel 10 and the WIN Network

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