4 Holi-ways to Decorate This Christmas

4 ways to decorate your home for the holidays - even if your home is a summertime holiday haven.

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Australia gets left out when it comes to holiday celebrating. Snowmen, snow angels, snowball fights, the North Pole – are we seeing a theme that doesn’t really jive down under? It’s time to even the odds, Australia. Here are 6 ways to decorate your home for the holidays in the heat of an Aussie summer.

Color Your World

Reds, greens, silvers, and golds. You don’t need snow to make your living room a cozy spot for the season. Artificial fir and pine trees are a must for the green. Bring in silvers and golds with elegant, small chains of lights for the tree. Smaller lights leave room for ornaments! We’re big fans of classic red satin ribbons tied in bows around branches, but the tree should be the focal point of the room. So use your personality! Get the kids involved with homemade tree decor.


Holly and mistletoe might be a bit out of season down here. But holiday wreaths that will glow in the summer heat are a sure way to doll up your home. Adorn the front door, corridors, and even the kitchen with wreaths of rustic dried flowers. Bring in the seasonal color scheme with deep yellow blossoms like sunflowers or mums.

What the Heck is an Elf on a Shelf?

Elves on shelves are the best. These are small, hand-size dolls done up in Santa gear that parents hide around the house every day of December for young children. The idea is that the elves get into all sorts of trouble while the kids are sleeping. When kids go to sleep the elf might be hanging off a mantle, but when they awake, parents will have posed the elf to look like he’s climbing the tree. Put an Aussie twist on the game and have him in swimwear, about to take the plunge into the kitchen sink. Or place him near the barbecue, about to start up a sausage sizzle.

Gingerbread Houses

Candy needs no season and no reason to be readily available. Shopping List: Wheatmeal Biscuits (this is a substitute for gingerbread), colorful candies (smarties, eucalyptus drops, clouds, frogs, fruit tingles, freckles, and others), cake frosting, and any other holiday tidbits like glitter or ribbon you can think of. Get crafty with flatmates, significant others, or family. Make it a competition or an exhibition, but get everyone involved. The best decor is always something that comes with memories of time spent together. It doesn’t hurt that these are edible.

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