3 Travel Bloggers you Should Already be Following

People who’ll make you want to go out and see the world

3 Travel Bloggers you Should Already be Following

Whether you’re stuck at work and vicariously feel like living through someone else, or maybe you’ve got the travel bug and you’re looking for the next best place to jet off too, these three travel bloggers are sure to brighten your day.

 Dan Flying Solo
This British boy lives an extraordinary life of travelling, he shares his wonderful photography through National Geographic, Travel Channel etc and his tip filled writing on his blog. He is lucky enough to work alongside Sky scanner and Lonely Planet so you know there’s plenty of adventures in store.

My Life’s a Movie Also known as Alyssa Ramos, this GoPro selfie queen is from the shores of Florida and spends her days writing for multiple media publications about her travels. She also loves to share her tips and tricks on packing on her Snapchat.

Drew Binksy This is the true story of a kid who finished college and decided to travel the world for a living, he really lives his best life accompanied by his very own Snapchat travel show. He shares his adventures through the Huffington Post and works alongside the GoPro family.