10 Harrowing Reasons why you Should Read the Ts and Cs Before Accepting Them

These are some of the most alarming terms and conditions that you’ve agreed to just by signing up to social media.

10 Harrowing Reasons why Should to Read the Ts and Cs Before Accepting Them.

We’re all guilty of it, tapping our finger or directing our cursor to the tiny little ‘accept’ button on the bottom right side of our screens. Who’s got the patience to scroll through pages of terms and conditions? Ain’t nobody got time for that. After all, we’re here to sign-up for the latest program or download this week’s trending app. 10,000 characters of text aren’t going to stop us now – or should it? 

Netflix’s new documentary The Social Dilemma, is the latest reminder of the importance of reading the terms and conditions that we are so eager to ignore. Here’s why: 

  1. Facebook has permission to use your photos as they wish.
    This is very much the same for most social media apps. By signing up to Facebook you’ve supplied them with royalty-free content that they can use in any way they want – even advertisements.
  1. Facebook requires you to keep your contact info up to date.

Don’t go saying you’re in a relationship if you’re single, that’s just plain mean. In all seriousness though, Facebook requires up-to-date contact information in order to secure your account. 

  1. Instagram doesn’t take suggestions from users, but if they do steal an idea don’t expect credit for it. 

By right, Instagram states that they don’t accept suggestions, ideas, comments, or other materials for their service other than one’s they have requested. But on the odd occasion they do, you won’t be making any profit from it. 

  1. It’s a violation to add anyone you don’t actually know on LinkedIn.

God forbid you add the CEO of your dream company without meeting them. Going against all laws of successful networking, you simply cannot request to connect with someone you have no real connection with.

  1. A little bird told me that Twitter has the right to all your content.

A little like Facebook’s permission to your photos, Twitter has the right to every 140 character-limit post and the content you publish alongside it even if you deactivate your account. That little birdy is looking a lot like a hawk now. 

  1. Spending $2.99 on that new Sia single on iTunes? Guess what – you don’t own it.

In fact, your iTunes bucks are going towards having the right to watch and listen to that media rather than simply owning it. 

  1. Before you know it, all of your life details could star in a feature film on Netflix.
    Okay not literally, you’re not the Kardashians. But if you were to get up to any illegal shenanigans, Netflix can disclose your personal information to third parties, such as the police and government.  
  1. Spotify has got you living like an open book. 

The music app supposedly has access to your contacts, photos and media files, but their reasoning for this has something to do with their ongoing instalment of awesome features. 

  1. You need to be 13 years plus to get your snap game on.

Snapchat’s Ts and Cs literally states that you have to be 13 plus because they could add features that you need to be older to use. I’m an adult and even that scares me. 

  1. And just in case you didn’t know, you involuntarily accept the updated Terms of Service without knowing too.

Terms and conditions are updated all the time, but you wouldn’t know that because your account is instantly accepting those new updates for you. “Why?” you ask. Because that’s what you agreed to. 

That was just 10 alarming Ts and Cs that you’re agreeing to without even knowing, but imagine how many more are out there. Next time you consider signing up for something, take the time to read what it is that you’re committing to first.