Unexpected Ways Corporate Stickers Add Value To Your Business


Unexpected ways corporate stickers add value to your business

Business owners enjoy the brand cohesion from having their own custom corporate sticker to add to the customer experience at multiple touch points. But there are some hidden opportunities to add value to your business.

Brand awareness:

Adding larger stickers to the outside of packaging means that not only the recipient gets the brand recognition but so does everyone else along the journey. Making sure your stickers clearly communicate what the business does is going to help anyone in contact to determine if it is something for them too.

Drive direct traffic to your website:

Improve your direct website traffic by making the business URL fully visible on the sticker, or even better add a QR code to launch the website with their smart phone camera. These days it is pretty standard practice and QR codes are back in!

Generate leads and sales:

Use stickers to create a sense of urgency or to announce special offers. Add them to the usual packaging systems, but also to unlikely places such as your physical letters or invoices, the front of envelopes, or the rear of business cards.

Say sorry to retain an important customer:

Nothing is more important to your business than existing customers. Add a sticker to that corporate gift you send or bunch of flowers. Add it to a refund docket too. Make it your brand voice with a short message or heartfelt quote that says ‘sorry’ in your own way. Mix up the messages so you have something on hand for all occasions.

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