Dinner Recipes Under 400K Cal


Does eating at night make you gain weight? Not really. We’re here with a bunch of dinner recipes under 400Kcal that will help you maintain or lose weight.

Brown rice and veggies:

A portion of brown rice and veggies has anywhere between 170 – 250 kcal. Recommended by experts, this combination is high in vitamins, protein, minerals and healthy fats.


Potato Salad with Homemade Salsa Verde:

Takes about 15 minutes to cook, this recipe includes boiled potatoes mixed with herbs, lemon and salsa verde. If barbecue is on the charts, this salad can be a perfect low-calorie dinner selection for you.


Black Bean Tacos:

Freshly baked tacos with a topping that’s nutritious to the t – cabbage, yogurt sauce and black beans! This easy to make, quick and inexpensive recipe is sure to impress your taste palette. If you want to spice it up, you can always add some seasoning or/and jalapeño.


Mexican Chicken and Corn Salad:

A nutritionally balanced meal that is sure to keep you light-filled and satisfied. Dressed in chipotle sauce and veggies, this salad will become your go-to meal in no time. Just remember to let the chicken cool before you add it to the salad!


Tomato Pasta:

Low-calorie tomato pasta can be easily made using penne and home-made tomato sauce. The secret is using Italian seasonings and garlic as main additions to the tomato sauce. You can enhance the flavors by adding mushrooms and caramelised onions both of which are low in kcal. Pasta is not unhealthy at all, in fact a serving of cooked wheat penne would be less than $200kcal. Here’s a diet favorite!

The only catch is to eat anything and everything at least three hours before sleeping. Skipping meals might help you lose a few kilos quickly. But a healthy way that meets your body’s nutrition needs is consuming at least three meals a day.