Meet Noa and Parker – The Waste-Free Meal Delivery Service Bringing you Gourmet Restaurant Meals

Meals from your favourite cafés and eateries all waste-free.

Meet Noa and Parker – The Waste-Free Meal Delivery Service bringing you Gourmet Restaurant Meals

Founders of Noa and Parker, Jeremy Kerrigan and Jonathan Lewis, these two fathers both had growing concerns for Australia’s contribution to increasing plastic waste in our oceans and landfill. This pair, discovered that they weren’t the only ones with these worries, with three quarters of Australians ranking plastic littering oceans and filling our landfill as one of their top three concerns for the environment, many of these people also felt as though they were not doing enough to minimise their own consumption of plastic waste.

With majority of cafes and restaurants now encouraging the use of keep-cups over the typical single use coffee cup, Jeremy and Jonathan both noticed that there was almost no opportunity to bring your own containers, tupperware or other boxed goods as another alternative takeaway option. They noticed that despite a lot of us beginning to utilise the use of our keep-cups, that there was still no guilt-free option for takeaway food. This is when Jeremy and Jonathan heard about the advantages of a circular economy. The team describe a circular economy as a system that maximises the value at each point in a product’s life span, this became the basis of their solution to minimising plastic waste in the food take-away sector.

The team developed a borrowable container system in ranging from hand-crafted ceramic cups and containers that don’t compromise on style or sustainability. Currently they have a growing network of cafés and restaurants that also deliver their delicious meals in the Noa and Parker containers straight to your door to enjoy from home. How does it work? Firstly, you activate your membership of their website with a free meal for new members. Secondly, you select the meals you would like to receive this week, pay and confirm and finally your delivered meals come fresh in the reusable stainless-steel containers.

Some noteworthy restaurants and cafes Noa and Parker partner with range from Cumulus Inc, Fourth Chapter, Common Room Co, Son of a Burch, Bossy Boots and many more. These guys have also expanded to Sydney partnering with Little Jean, Shelter, UMU Organic and many more.

With an array of wonderful cafés and eateries, you can now enjoy your favourite meals takeaway and also knowing it is waste-free.

Head to to activate your membership today!

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