4 Winter Treats to Keep You Warm

What better way to warm you up this weekend than by baking some tasty treats that are perfect for winter.

Jam Donuts (Image Source: SBS), crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au, crowd ink, crowdink
Jam Donuts (Image Source: SBS)

Now that winter is well and truly on its way, what is better than jumping into your cosiest and warmest clothes on a drizzly afternoon and baking up some hot and delicious sweets. Find supplied, four recipes that are sure to taste great and keep the family and friends happy.

Banana Chocolate Muffins:

If you have a few browning bananas lying around this perfect winter recipe is sure to put them to excellent use! What’s better than a freshly baked banana bread? Chocolate banana bread. The chocolate adds an extra sweetness to the muffins best served hot, and a dollop of cream or a dash of ice-cream wouldn’t go astray on this toasty treat! Check out the recipe here.

Ginger Nut Snaps

These tasty treats are perfect to keep you warm this winter, spiced and crunchy. BYO cup of tea if you’re not one for a tough biscuit! As these biscuits have a teeth breaking crunch that can be remedied by the dunking and marinating in tea (or coffee or hot chocolate!)! Check out the recipe here.


Sticky Date Pudding

The perfect dessert for a freezing cold night! This Sticky Date-Toffee Pudding recipe is set to be a treat for the whole family, sweet and sticky this dessert is not to be missed! Check out the recipe here.


Hot Jam Donuts:

What is winter without a nice piping hot jam donut? It would be a winter not worth having! Although a bit tricky to make yourself its definitely worth a try! This deviously sweet donut is exactly the thing you need to treat yourself this winter! Check out the recipe here.

Make these toasty, delicious treats and share them with your friends this winter, or keep them all to yourself!