Marcus Corah Unveils the Secret to Success

How you can harness powerful tools to become your best self.

Marcus Corah Unveils the Secret to Success

Like countless others, Marcus Corah found the road to career and life satisfaction halted by inner restraints- until he unearthed the benefits of self-improvement practises and coaching. CrowdInk spoke with Marcus about how he, through New Life Partners, can help anyone create their own positive, life-long changes.

What was the inspiration behind your brand? How did you get started?

I was having tea with a stranger, and the discussion turned to my profession of directing. Although my intention had always been to help people become their best selves, through our conversation I realised my career did not embody this. Subsequently, I quit directing and re-aligned towards my values by beginning a course on Hypnotherapy and NLP, which blew my mind and was even more enlightening than I could’ve imagined. I hadn’t enjoyed education in the past, but this course illustrated the value of learning new strategies and tools to accelerate your success.

What does your coaching business offer?

I offer people a chance at freedom from the beliefs that are hindering their success, as I know first-hand the damaging and limiting effect they have on our lives. The unconscious mind constructs all mentalities with positive intent – usually to avoid discomfort. However, as we mature, these protective ideas hinder rather than help us, and that’s where hypnotherapy and NLP serve as powerful tools that can alleviate these constraints. In recent years, I’ve learned the art of Reiki- another invaluable method to help transform lives at an energetic level. Combining these three disciplines provides the ability to find maximum success and satisfaction.

Who is your ideal customer?

My ideal customer is anyone who wishes to adjust their mindsets to better themselves. Many people go about life assuming they have to accept the “hand they’ve been dealt”, but that’s not true. The great news is that change is not just possible; it’s highly accessible.

What advice do you have for aspiring coaches looking to get started?

Focus on listening to others and have a strong passion for helping them achieve their goals. You will be finding the success you desire and making the world a better place at the same time.

If you’ve been searching for an escape from self-doubt, inner sabotage, or further constraints that have been holding you back, visit New Light Partners at or @forgive.heal.thrive on Instagram to begin your journey toward your best self.