5 Trends Dominating The Home Technology Industry

5 Trends Dominating the Home Technology Industry

We live in a world where technology is everywhere we look. As we become more and more tech-savvy, home builders are too, and are installing interesting new gadgets to bring new houses into the tech age. Here are 5 of the top trends dominating the world of home technology:

  1. Integrated housing systems
    More and more people are syncing up their houses by installing a control panel for all the property’s electrical systems. This can include controls for lighting, heating, security, cameras and air conditioning. The panels are often touch screen, and can be connected to a mobile device, so you can control your home from anywhere in the world.
  2. Ceiling lifts
    Rather than having bulky items taking up floor space when not in use, you can now take your storage to the sky. Ceiling lifts are remote controlled lifts that can hold your televisions and computers in the roof of your house when they’re not in use. Whoever said that televisions couldn’t fly?
  3. Universal remote
    Learning how to use new devices can be difficult, particularly for those of us labelled ‘technologically disabled.’ With one remote to control every device in the house, we no longer need to fear new technology. You can easily control everything at once without having to hunt down each individual remote for every gadget.
  4. Security systems
    Forget your boring old house alarm – home builders have upped the ante and created a security system that takes a snapshot of your household’s lighting use for two weeks. It then mimics the pattern when you go away to deter anyone from realising you aren’t home.
  5. Smartphone locks
    Who needs a house key when you have a phone? The latest trend in home locking is using your smartphone to unlock the door. All you need to do is activate your phone’s Bluetooth to connect to your front door and voila! You’re in without having to scramble for keys.