Remi. Melbourne Rapper With Hidden Talent

The spunky Melbourne rapper with a world of talent.

Remi.,, crowd ink, crowdink
Remi. (source: Band Camp)

Salty beats, sensual tones and strikingly insightful lyrics are three things starting with an s that adequately describe the rap of Remi Kolawole, or Remi. as he is more commonly known.

Triple J listeners will be familiar with Remi. and his alternative tunes, the station largely responsible for his rise to fame through the J’s Unearthed program.

Remi is Australian hip hop but not as you know it- think less Hilltop Hoods and more international rap.

His distinct sound and charismatic performances have earned him titles like the Australian Music Prize (2015), Triple J’s coveted Unearthed Artist of the Year (2013) as well as others from the Rolling Stone Awards and the Australian Independent Record Label Association Awards.

Least to say, the man’s talent has not gone unnoticed.

Whilst Sangria and XTC Party are memorable tracks from his extremely successful 2013 album Raw X Infinity, it is his most recent album Divas and Demons that takes his talent to the next level, delivering not only quality sounds, but decidedly poignant political messages.

Themes of racism, mental health and Melbourne’s not so subtle drug culture, Remi. in collaboration with producer Sensible J, delves into issues not usually spoken about in music at a local, Australian level.

Remi. is of Nigerian/Australian heritage, and consequently knows first hand the effects of racism, detailing these troubles in tracks Lose Sleep and Young and Free.

If you are interested in seeing this gem in the flesh, then either head to his website to keep up to date with gigs across the country (few of which have currently been released), or find him performing at Golden Plains Festival in March.

Remi. For Good.