The Magical Millie Savage

Meet the Melbourne based jeweller and sparkle extraordinaire.

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Millie Savage

To say Millie Savage’s art is unique is to do a disservice to her talent. Unique is a term brandied around far too often in the bustling art scene of Melbourne, and is inept in describing the beauty of her work. Rather, it is words like iridescent, organic and lustrous that seem more fitting, each striking piece dipped in a special kind of Millie magic.

Not for traditionalists or those in favour of perfection, Millie refuses the bland and welcomes themes that perfectly match her personality- messy, fun & nothing short of breathtaking.

From the Little Mermaid Ring to the Luna Beam Studs, Savage’s unrefined works are the product of a vivid imagination, characteristically sparkly with the aid of precious opals and all kinds of glittery gems.

So where did this talented jeweler come from?

Well, Savage grew up by the beach in the south of Melbourne, and is now spending time making and creating in Bali, which could have something to do with the obvious nature inspiration interwoven through her works- each rustic piece reminiscent of everything from the ocean and outer space, to fairy forests and enchanted gardens.

Singer Miley Cyrus even Instagrammed a photo of herself sporting Millie’s bling, with a hand written sign- “@milliesavage we love you!!” 

It would seem it is not just me who gushes- Millie’s appeal is universal.

If you are intrigued and want to find out more about Millie, then have a mosey of her wears on her website and Instagram, each provided below, to give you a greater sense of the enchantment to which I am referring.

Prices vary from the low hundreds to the thousands- the price of each piece really depending on the gems used and the hours of labour that go into the making of your piece.

Allow yourself to be transfixed by Millie’s magic and pick yourself up a little something to encourage you to live life a little more like Millie.

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